About Triné Eich-Koehn

When we sat down to create the content of this website, I felt it was important to include a biography. I believe the healing process benefits when you feel a sense of security with the practitioner you choose – this biography and the testimonials on this site are intended to give you a glimpse of who I am and how I work. So, I didn’t want to write a “brag” letter and hiring a professional to “create a persona that sells” does not speak from my heart. And then I sat down with a colleague….

Triné was born in Oxnard, California. By the age of four she remembers her closest friends being spirits and angels. “I thought everyone saw spirits!” Triné explains, “Because my family moved so much we didn’t have time to build friendships, so my friends travelled with me. I have always had great communication with the Spirit World because they kept me entertained and I entertained them. It was fun!” Eventually, her family settled in Virginia and Triné began to establish relationships outside the spiritual realm. It was about the age of 10 when she realized not everyone could communicate with or see the spiritual dimension she walked in every day. This realization caused her to wonder why people make the decisions they make- why do people do what they do?

As a teenager, her gifts began to unfold. Working with her spiritual guides she began supporting her friends and family using visualization and centering techniques to help them manifest their goals and dreams. At that time there were no main stream sources for these techniques and Triné learned to rely on her spiritual guides as her primary source of information. Using these same skills and intuitive insights she was able to empower a family friend in manifesting his childhood dream and career. Her desire to develop a better understanding of what motivates people led her to take classes in criminal psychology after high school. Always walking in two worlds, it is no surprise she began selling cosmetics at night while attending classes during the day. This experience proved to be a life lesson. Her classes compared to her sales position helped her recognize that where you focus your energy and your attention becomes your reality. When surrounded by criminal activity and negative behavior you begin to forget that not everyone lives in that vibration. In contrast, Triné experienced the cosmetic industry where you find the beauty in everyone, inspiring people to realize their potential, where your success is based on the success of other people. She made the decision to focus her efforts on her sales position and became a Sales Director (top 2%) for a global cosmetics company.

Married by this time, having four miscarriages and losing her father to a long battle with cancer, Triné took some time to regroup. When she went back to work she was recruited to sell windows and siding for a Virginia based company. Her success in sales finally led her to start her own business. She began by offering channeled readings and healing sessions, opened a retail store and for the past several years has focused on teaching while maintaining her private client base. It is her ability to channel and individualize each lesson plan for the student that makes studying under Triné so effective. Triné uses group mentoring and private life coaching sessions to help you open your heart and realize your full potential. Triné is a Reiki Master, Certified Master Hypnotherapist, professional Psychic and Medium, founder and owner of Reiki Wellness & Meditation Center in Virginia Beach. She is a national speaker and is available for personal and group training, business and client development, and individual sessions.

Like a beautiful song that opens your heart to the majesty of the world around you, Triné helps you find the song in your heart that opens you to the majesty within.

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