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Individual Sessions | Group Sessions | And Moreā€¦

Individual Sessions

  • Life Coaching (Individual and Couples)

    Her balanced way of coaching, sharing examples and listening really works for me. She keeps things very basic and very real. And for that I appreciate what she offers and acknowledge the grace that put her in my path and gives her the words, the energy, the smile.


    I am inspired and thrilled with how things are changing in my life in such a positive way. There are exciting things moving into my life and I am feeling stronger, more alive and healthier every day.

  • Intuitive Readings
  • Past Life Regression
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Balancing Body Mind Spirit
    • Triné uses an all encompassing approach to scan your energy field, restore balance and provide healing to support you on your journey.

Group Sessions

  • Chakra Classes
    • Level 1 - Chakra Fundamentals
    • Level 2 - Chakras and the Energy Field
    • Level 3 - Higher Chakra Exploration (8-12)
  • Reiki Certification
    • Reiki I
    • Reiki II
    • Reiki III/Master
    • Reiki Master/Teacher
  • Meditation Explorations
    • New Moon
    • Full Moon
  • Group Mentoring
    • Realizing Your Highest Potential (small group)
    • Realizing Your Highest Potential (for couples)
    • Reiki Share (for Reiki I through Master)
  • Special Interest Classes
    • Goddess Figure - Finding Your Divine Shape
    • Forgiveness
    • Healing with Color
    • Finding Your Yes
    • Inner Living
    • Within Reach
    • Opening the Heaven In Your Heart

And More...

  • Reiki Clinic is open to the general public as an opportunity for citizens to "try before you buy" receiving a Reiki Session from healers trained by Triné. If you are a prospective healer, come experience Reiki with an experienced healing team before registering for a class.
  • Retreats
    • Master Healer Retreat (Invitation Only)
    • Spring Retreat (Topic to be announced)
    • Fall Retreat (Topic to be announced)
    • Finding Your Yes
  • Corporate Mentoring
    • Scheduled Upon Request
    </div> Individual Sessions | Group Session | And More...
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