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Chakra Classes


Level 1 - Chakra Fundamentals
Learn how the 7 basic chakras support the body on a physical level.

You will learn:

  • In-depth details on excessive and deficient energies
  • How they appear in our personality and physical body
  • How these imbalances affect the mind and body.

Upon completion of this series you will know:
  • The location of each chakra
  • The body part it supports
  • How it functions
  • Ways to support balancing your chakra system.
Chakra Fundamentals will be taught in a 4 part series.

Level 2 - Chakras and the Energy Field
Building on the fundamentals taught in the Level 1 series, you will learn how the 4 levels of your energy field (your aura) are affected by the strength of your chakras. Learn how the chakras correspond to the health of your mind, body and emotions. Learn techniques to balance and clear your chakras in every layer of the aura.

Level 2.1 - Chakras and the Energy Field for Healers
After mastering the dance with your own energy field in Level 2, learn to apply techniques to balance and clear chakras for others.

Level 3 - Higher Chakra Exploration (8-12)
The higher chakras are elusive and not typically taught in the western world. This course will explore the 5 higher chakras and their impact and how they support the integration of our spiritual experience on earth.
Important This class is by invitation or request.
Prerequisite: Completion of the Level 1 and 2 series.

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